Rachel craned her neck to find the top of the mountainous heap of laundry. “Why me?” She cried out in terror. “This task is too difficult for a mere human. How can it be done? But it must be accomplished. And I must be the one. Yes! I will fold each article of clothing, conquer each towel, match each sock!” And with greatest effort, Rachel stopped blogging and got some work done.

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we hijacked Rick’s blog to post this description of him

Personality: Very complex, though his most visible attributes are his friendliness, confidence, and fun, child-like joy. Rick is very passionate and experiences the greatest of joys and also deep sorrows. He is extremely intelligent but easy to talk to about just about anything. Often others are given the impression that he’s shallow, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! He sees the world as a place full of beauty, and has passion for others, a sacrificial spirit, and a love for knowledge. He knows a lot more than he lets on, and tries to keep the focus off of his own achievements.

Natural Habitat: At church, fellowshiping with the brethren, or at the beach, in front of the computer

Dislikes: People who gossip, misunderstandings, disunity, arguments, bad tempers, being alone

Relationships Rick loves his momma. He has a lot of acquaintances and a few very close friends. His best friend in the whole world is Rachel Eyre. His second best friend in the whole world is Nathan Blevins. Kristen Knox has the honour of being the person he calls the most. Pastor Wilkins is someone he wants to be like when he grows up.

Known for: Red ties. Penguins. Dancing. Full bookshelves.

the Capezza family: Italian! splintered. loving.

Favourite Music: in no order: chants, 80’s, rap, rock, psalms, folk, musicals

Favorite movies: Wit, Moulin Rouge, Twelfth Night, Zoolander

Unusual Expressions: “how YOU doin’?” “ooooh yeeeah” “you know what I’m talkin about”

Interesting Piece of History: former HS dance king

Future Dreams: Marry Rachel… make lots of babies with her… pursue the pastorate, all while sacrificing for others and serving the Lord. Eventually going to heaven.

Influence on US: he’s an inspiration, we want to imitate him as he imitates Christ, we try to be more modest because he is so honest about it with us, he won’t let us be manipulative so we are more honest with ourselves and others.

Favourite Hobbies: blogging, dreaming about Rachel, holding his fluffy penguin and dancing!

Wished Legacy. “wants people to know the gospel and grow in their understanding of grace, especially his covenant family and his congregation and wants to be remembered as being sacrificial, humble, and full of the joy of the gospel.

by Rachel and Kristen. Adapted from here.

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More Owasso Lawsuits

Also in my senior year, there was the Owasso Independent School District v. Falvo case:

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. In 1998 Kristja J. Falvo sued the Owasso, Okla. school district, contending her three children were embarrassed when classmates graded each other’s work and were instructed to call out the grades to the teacher…So—incredibly enough—the U.S. Supreme Court will now hear the case, ruling whether it violates federal privacy law for teachers to allow classmates to grade each others’ papers.

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Title IX
groan I was trying to find out what happened to an a girl that used to play basketball for Broken Arrow when I was in high school (Kristen Brady). This was sparked by watching how awful the WNBA was. Brady was really good in high school. She was only 5’7”, and I think she averaged like 37 points a game. She ended up going to Oral Roberts University. But that reminded me of something that happened in high school. My high school was the first high school sued for Title IX. I came across this article written a couple of months ago. This was all happening while I was in high school, and it was very frustrating. Mimi and I ended up at the same college during the 1999-2000 year, thousands of miles away from home. Basically, the baseball players went out in the neighborhoods doing all sorts of things to raise money…trivial things like selling candy bars. They raised enough for a new stadium. Then the girls sued for theirs. Yeah, fun.

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Rich Lusk: Why He Really Knows So Much
On Tuesday the 6th, Rich Lusk sent me an email. For some reason, it said Saturday the 6th. It’s placed in my email as the most recent email. When Saturday passed, I thought my emails from the following week would start appearing as most recent. They didn’t. I couldn’t figure it out until just now. Upon a closer look, I realized that Rich traveled way into the future. The email was sent at “Sat, 6 Aug 2011.”

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Blogging About Their Kids
Okay, I remember now. I added Jenny Silliman’s blog. Valerie’s mom is just too cute. I love her stories. I love Sora’s too. I think those two went to the top of my list really quickly simply because they talk about their kids. Ya know, kids say the darndest thing…and stuff…dude.

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I’m an HTML Master
Is my link to Parah on the side slowing down the loading of this page, or is it just this computer? How can I get rid of the orange thing?

Also, I added Jonathan Daugherty’s blog. And I added someone else’s, but it’s been about three minutes, so I’ve forgotten who it was.

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