Celerate! Jesus, Celebrate!

Today marks one and a half years since Rachel and I began our lovely relationship. To celebrate, I will do what all bloggers do:

Regretfully they tell us,
But firmly they compel us
To say goodby to you.

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, good night,
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

So long, farewell, Au’voir, auf wiedersehn,
I’d like to stay and taste my first champagne
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, goodbye,
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye,
Good bye

I’m glad to go,
I cannot tell a lie.
I flit, I float,
I fleetly flee, I fly.

The sun has gone to bed and so must I
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye,

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Thought on Hospitality

Something in Serrated Edge set off a thought about hospitality. When someone comes to my door, my immediate thought is to say, “Hi! Come on in.” I expect the people to at least stay for a few minutes. I think it’s simply hospitable.

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Serrated Edge

I picked up a copy of Serrated Edge this afternoon and read it through. Although I don’t agree with Wilson’s every argument, and although I don’t think he listens to his every argument, the book is pretty good.

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Sunday Afternoon Nightmares

So I was taking my Sunday afternoon nap, and it got ugly. I started the dream at my pastor’s house. It was Sunday morning, and we were all getting ready for church (the whole cngregation had spent the night). Well, the pastor’s family asked me to get some of their kids out of their “rooms.” Well, it seems that my pastor lived in the world’s biggest freezer. Each kid had their own freezer that they slept in. And they had four kids and hundreds of freezers. The first three were found pretty quickly since they had freezers upstairs, and there were only three freezers upstairs. The fourth one was down in the basement, which was like one of those places in the bus station with hundreds of lockers…except this was, of course, hundreds of freezers. I was scrambling through them all, trying to find this kid before he froze to death, and the pastor’s wife told me, “Oh, a few minutes won’t hurt…just keep looking.” I kept running upstairs hoping someone had found him, and then running downstairs to look again. I finally found the kid, and he wasn’t even cold, though he had spent an entire night ina freezer. He was quite alert and happy. Ugh. On the other hand, I was hyper-ventilating. I actually woke up at this point, short of breath.

So we all went to “church.” It was a huge auditorium. And it was the first time I met this guy at church. In all reality, it was a guy I’ve met in Vancouver, WA, who Rachel has known a long time. His name is Ben. Anyway, he told me that he was going to New York because he had to act on Broadway, and none of his friends could go, so I could go and see my family and watch some Mets games. Then he led me to this seat. I was still carrying this baby, who was actually the size of a six year old. He was bald, and had a little bit of stubble on his chin. Anyway, those crazy Christians were getting upset with me because I was walking down the ramp instead of using the steps down to my seat at the front of this huge auditorium. Of course, I was using the ramp because I was carrying this huge kid. They started to yell at the band at the front to put up some of those gaurd rails on the ramp (the ones that form your line at the movie theatre or the front ticket counter at the airport), and all of a sudden, I noticed “My Jesus, My Savior” is going on in the background. Yeah.

I finally get to my seat, and the music ends, and instead of a sermon, we watch a film on the big screen. The film was called, “The Traditional Dwizard.” I don’t know…it was like Merlin meets Lord of the Rings.

Then Tim’s sister called, and I woke up. She’s a goddess.

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I love you mom!

So psychologists say that the number one reason men become good husbands is that they have good relationships with their mother. Finally, something I can believe. 98% of my redeeming qualities came from my relationship with my mother. Whether positive or negative, mom was the only way I was able to know what to want in a woman.

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Come young lovers; sit and listen

by John Donne

I SCARCE believe my love to be so pure

As I had thought it was, Because it doth endure
Vicissitude, and season, as the grass ;
Methinks I lied all winter, when I swore
My love was infinite, if spring make it more.

But if this medicine, love, which cures all sorrow

With more, not only be no quintessence, But mix’d of all stuffs, vexing soul, or sense,
And of the sun his active vigour borrow,
Loves not so pure, and abstract as they use
To say, which have no mistress but their Muse ;
But as all else, being elemented too,
Love sometimes would contemplate, sometimes do.

And yet no greater, but more eminent,

Love by the spring is grown ; As in the firmament
Stars by the sun are not enlarged, but shown,
Gentle love deeds, as blossoms on a bough,
From love’s awakened root do bud out now.

If, as in water stirr’d more circles be

Produced by one, love such additions take, Those like so many spheres but one heaven make,
For they are all concentric unto thee ;
And though each spring do add to love new heat,
As princes do in times of action get
New taxes, and remit them not in peace,
No winter shall abate this springs increase.
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If music is the food of love, play on.

From the lyrics I post on my blog, you might get the impression that I only listen to CCM. Don’t worry. When I sleep, I listen to country, classical, chants, or hymns. When I drive, I listen to jazz. When I’m around the house, I listen to all different sorts of stuff, depending on my mood. Most often, I get one stuck in my head for a week or two, and then I switch. I had Avril Lavigne stuck in my head for awhile, then it was Jason Mraz, then it was Kasey Chambers. The last couple, which I have blogged the lyrics to are CCM.

The first of those two was Every New Day by Five Iron Frenzy. Cheese aside, every once in awhile a simple line strikes me. In that song, the line “Father, I need you” seemed apt to how I was feeling. I was having a hard time with being anxious about certain things. The total dependence of God was in my head.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about when this is all over, so naturally, MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine fit with my psyche. Several of the lines fit…pretty much th whole thing except for that whole “forever worship you” part because I get the sense that CCM artists think that after we die, all we do is get on our knees and bow down and sing. We don’t eat or work or anything. We just sing. Okay, but this is a positive post.

Bart Millard, who wrote that song, suffered the loss of his father when he was 18. I believe his dad was dying of cancer. Before he died, his dad set up a fund that would give him a sum of money once a year for ten years so that Bart would not spend it all at once. His dad promised that he would take care of him after the money was gone, even after his death. The week that money ran out, I Can Only Imagine hit Number 1 on Christian Radio. It would go on to win something big at the 2002 Dove Awards.

Recently the song has been on the secular radio. This kind of happened by accident. A caller at a secular Dallas radio station kept requesting the song. Finally, the DJ played the song as a joke. Hundreds of people called to find out, “What was that song?” The song has gotten the same reaction around the country with DJs saying in their sometimes 20-30 year experience, they’ve never had a reaction like this. When the song was played for the first time in many cities, the phone lines were tied up, and people would drive to the radio stations to ask, “What was that song?”

I find it a bit creepy because the song is blatantly saying, “I can only imagine what it will be like with you Jesus.” I guess people are all spiritual and stuff. I can see the reaction somewhere like I grew up near Tulsa, but in places like Washington where being a Christian isn’t the cool thing to do?

When Bart Millard’s dad died, people would try to console him by saying his dad was in a better place. So he would jot down the phrase, “I can only imagine.” Well, one day he went to write a song. On his notebook were the words, “I can only imagine.” The song was written five minutes later. A song written in five minutes and about Jesus was a Top 40 secular song?

The lyrics of the song are something I’ve tried to think about many times throughout my life. How would I react if I was before Christ, in the flesh? The most familiar lines are “Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for you Jesus, or in awe of you be still? Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing ‘Hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all?”

Seriously, how would I react? I have no idea! I tend to dance when I am giddy. And singing Hallelujah is probably one of the most common ways I praise God. I love singing Hallelujahs. But Jesus Christ. He’s perfect. He’s God. How? What? Huh? How can you fathom that? Would I be able to move? Able to talk? Or would my mouth just be gaping open?

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Haven’t you heard?

I heard it from the one heard it from the one who knew. The one who heard it from the one who never checked with you…

Okay, so that’s not really where I heard it. But if you haven’t heard, Covenant Press republished Search the Scriptures a few weeks ago. For those of you that teach OT classes or Sunday school classes, it’s a great place to start. Davey, who doesn’t like anything besides calico dresses even wrote a review for meshereth.org a few weeks ago. It almost sounds like he thinks it’s as good as something he could write! WOW!

On another, Meshereth.org note, we put up Rich Lusk’s Discipleship and the Church recently.

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