Was This All One Day?

Sometimes I ask myself that question after a long day like this one. When so much happens in the same day, it starts to feel like a span of 2 or 3 days. But at least today was a fairly good long day.

After teaching a violin lesson, I cleaned up a bit in preparation of Rick coming over. I also made 3 batches of sweet tea because there were lots of thirsty people around the house today. My dad was pouring a concrete wall with some of the guys while my wonderful guy helped clean the kitchen. Oh yeah, he’s a catch.

Then, my friend Jessica came over and she and Rick and I all wanted to get out of the house. We went to Deer Park to discover that Deer Park is a completely depressing small town with nothing fun to do in it. We went to a thrift store and tried on disgusting clothing. Rick picked out a pair of shorts for me with dangling, magenta sequins. That was pretty interesting.

We rented a couple movies and then came home. I made more sweet tea and we started watching the modern version of Romeo & Juliet. I think I would definitely have to watch it a few more times before I could get into it. But it was a well-made movie.

It left me a little depressed at the end of the evening, and I really did not want Rick to go home. But he did. And I guess that’s okay because I’ll be seeing him again tomorrow. Life crawls so slowly by.

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Another Rodent In the Middle of the Floor

Cats are wicked creatures. I found another dead rodent lying in the middle of my floor this time. I tried to get the evil cat to take it out of my room, but instead she ran under my bed to crunch on its bones and devour its fur-covered skin and tender meat and juicy blood. She just left one organ shaped like a sausage so that I’d have to be all grossed out and have to dispose of it myself.

C’mon, admit it. You’re sick if you like cats.

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Wet Paint: Don’t Touch

Do you ever accidently do the right thing and feel bad for it? I did that today, and I’m caught between wishing it happened another way, and wondering if I should feel bad about it. But I do. I’ve been emotionally stressed this whole week, and I think my blood pressure is super high. I’m covered in tears and my heart hurts, and I wonder if there really is an end to this tunnel or if the light I see is just white paint.

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Redefining terms…

This week has had my fair share of getting in trouble because of redefining terms to have a broader meaning than the conventional understanding. But I just thought about something.

If young men go through a “cage stage,” and they are “thunder puppies,” then why don’t we rename the cage stage to take into account their canine tendencies. Perhaps we could call it the “dog carrier stage” or whatever those things are called…

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My week has been full of hardships and disappointments for me, so please keep me in your prayers. However, God remains loving and faithful, and Rick remains wonderfully devoted and the best friend I could ever ask for. He is the love of my life, and if you don’t love him too, know that I don’t love you.

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God’s Reassurance

I was in the shower today, and I was a bit worried about soreness in my body. My back was stiff (which was injured a couple of weeks), I had a burning sensation near my MCL (which was injured in high school), my forearm was hurting (which it often does because of typing), and my groin didn’t feel right (it was pulled in high school). I was really feeling like I must be pretty messed up physically. I stuck my left leg out of the shower, and my foot slipped. I did the splits and twisted my knee as my back slammed into the wall and my forearm on the floorboard heater. It was like being roached by a linebacker. As my tailbone rested on the floor, my first thought was, “If I can take a hit like that and still get up, I’m okay.”

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Generation Golf: Eine Inspektion by Florian Illies

Dr. Grant mentions the above book on his August 24th post. Below I include a rather large portion of his post because I think you are probably too lazy to click my link, and you parents need to read this:

...Today’s young men and women are actually looking for something real and substantive, Illies says, while their parents are content with a world of artificiality and triviality. And the young are not buying into the pop-materialism of their parents. They are by turns either wildly idealistic or dismally jaded. They see the shallow, hollow, narrow, and tawdry character of Modernity and they want no part of it. Instead, they want truth. They want absolutes.

As a result, Illies says the Church has a strategic opportunity for extraordinary renewal and reform—but only if it recognizes that maturity is what people are yearning for, not more pop smaltz. More of the same old evangelical piffle, drivel, and swill simply will not do. This is a rather surprising conclusion given that Illies is an academic, not a preacher.

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Dancing Reception

Last week, Rachel and I watched Uriah and Katherine Gunn’s wedding video. Yesterday Rachel said she’d never been to a wedding reception with dancing. This got me started thinking about good songs to dance to with large groups of people that don’t know how to dance or have a low level of dancing knowledge. I started going through my own music, and I realized how much a child of the 80’s I am. Here are a few of my favorites:

B-52s-Love Shack-”Everybody’s movin’, everybody’s groovin’ baby…You’re what?” Love Shack is a classic for just bein able to goof around. The “Bang..bang..bang…on the door baby” sequence is a time when individuals really express their personality.

B-52s-RoamStaying with the B52’s theme, Roam is great for weird facial expression that you’d seriously want on a family reunion dance video. Trust me.

Bobby Darin-Mack the Knife-A classic foxtrot let’s you catch your breath, but it also gives grandpa an opportunity to show you up with his dancing skill.

Young MC-Bust A Move-Okay, no one can resist this song. All those hip hoppers are jumping onto the floor with a little Young MC. I mean, Jon Barlow would be really grooving to this song.

Chicago-Saturday-”Can you dig it?” This song allows you a few moments to get a drink and try to draw non-dancers onto the floor. Good listening, and you’re still able to dance to it. perfect for the “Come out onto the floor” head shake.

Cyndi Lauper-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Can you see by now that I am a product of the 80’s? Cyndi Lauper is only second to Madonna in the inspiration of my taste.

Chicago-Youre My Inspiration-You have to pay homage to such a great band by giving them a slow dance.

Electric SlideI’m told that this dance has many different names, but what I do know is that this song will draw the nondancers onto the floor.

Gloria Estefan-Conga-Fun for the whole family…if you know what the heck a conga is.

Isley Brothers-Shout-”A little bit louder now.” I view this as the classic wedding reception song. I remember my mom’s marriage to my stepdad. 100 Italians on their backs. Way too many cumber bunds flying through the air. ‘Nuff said.

Kool and the Gang-Celebration-This was Riah and Kitty’s recessional. It was also one of the songs they skated to at “Silver Fantasy On Ice.” It’s fresh in my mind as a great song of the 80’s.

Nat King Cole-Straighten Up and Fly RightIt’s a lindyhop. The swingers come out of the brushpiles.

Santana-Smooth (Just Forget About It) It’s a foxtrot, so the Latinos will come out, hips shaking.

What about your favorite dance songs?

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Throughout school, I always got stressed about May, looking forward to finals. Well, this year I’ve been stressed throughout the whole summer, and I am starting to act like it’s May. I’ve been playing Summertime and The Graduation Song. I guess maybe my schedule is backwards because I got my MA in an August semester. I love the start of a new school year.

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