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Things to Applaud

Elias McConnell and Isaiah also are up visiting for Thanksgiving.

I’ve got to spend a couple of nights out at the Eyre’s. Gotta love the snow.

President Bush’s decision to make a top-secret trip to Iraq to spend Thanksgiving with troops.

Nathan Blevins has purchased tickets to visit next month.

Rachel and I have tickets to visit Oklahoma, and we may make a short trip down to Monroe too.

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And the Wedding Nightmares Begin


I woke up very relieved this morning. I’d been dreaming that it was the day of the wedding, and everyone was running late. I was still in my pajamas, though my hair was already fixed up. My mom and sister were frantically going from store to store trying to gather enough flowers to make the bouquets. Oh, please, I don’t want to wait until the day of the wedding to buy the flowers! But it only got worse: I realized that I’d completely forgotten about buying my dress. (In reality, the shop where I’m buying my dress is an hour away from where I live.) I had one hour to buy the dress, get into it, and be ready to walk down the aisle. I didn’t make it and ended up walking down the aisle in my pajamas – though my hair really looked great.

Am I the only bride-to-be to have nightmares about the wedding day?

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A Conversation with a Heretic

The other day, my parents & Rick and I all went and talked to a Lutheran minister (belonging to the Free Lutheran denomination) about the issue that I’m dealing with at my church. We had a great time talking about the issue itself. Pastor Wagley’s remarks were great, such as, “I don’t baptize people just for the kick of it. If it didn’t do anything, what would be the purpose?” He also said, “You know, you should ask your accusers to find a passage in Scripture that says ‘baptism doesn’t save you.’ We’ve already got ours that says that it does.” About halfway through the meeting, Pastor Wagley’s daughter came downstairs and we were introduced to her. Her name also happened to be Rachel, and she also happened to be a “troublemaker” because of her beliefs regarding baptism. She was going to be a counselor for a Franklin Graham crusade, and in the bio she had to fill out, under the question, “When did you become a Christian?” she wrote, “When I was baptized as an infant.” This caused a lot of concern for the administration, and she was told that she wouldn’t be able to be a counselor. So, she ran to get her dad, who told those silly administration people, “Hey, I’m a Lutheran minister, and I teach this.” Thankfully, she was then able to be a counselor. I wish it’d be that easy for me.

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White as snow…

It’s quite white tonight. Snow everywhere…about eight inches. It’s very pretty. I just hope I don’t get snowed in to the point that I can’t visit Rachel. Being stuck in my house is very depressing, especially now that I have no roommate. On days that I don’t get to go to the Eyres, it’s simply miserable staying in an empty house. It’s even worse when it’s cold in the house. I usually just end up heating the room in which I am staying to save money on heating bills. So if it’s not cold, it’s like I’m stuck in a prison. I’ve changed my mind. The snow is quite ugly and wretched. Well, it will be, whenever I have to go back into town.

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Now THIS is Heresy

Rick, falling asleep: “Cap’n crunnnch..”
Rachel: “What?”
Rick: “I want some Cap’n Crunch for the remission of sins.”

And later,

Rachel: “Darling?”
Rick: “Yes, Mr. President?”

What I’m wondering is why he’d expect the President to address him as “darling.” It quite concerns me.

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