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Good news and bad news

Bad news:

I am getting stomach ulcers thinking about Kerry being our next president. Whatever you think about Bush, you have to recognize the fact that Kerry will push hard for “pro-choice” (i.e baby sacrifice) legislation, appoint activist judges (this is what scares me the most), penalize you for doing anything that promotes the privatization of your finances, pave the way for gay marriages in the future, pave the way for hate speech legislation that will forbid Christiand from talking like Christians, and try to show the “intolerance” of “right wing ideology.” Kerry thinks BUSH is a right wing idealogue. What does that mean for the rest of the conservative Christians?

I’m not going to say that Bush is some great president. I hardly think that’s true. But he has allowed the faithful to be faithful without government hassling.

And that’s what it really comes down to for me. Which candidate will let the Church build itself up with as little governmental interfering as possible.

Good news:

The enrollment in my classes is going down, but not because I have poor retention rates. My students are simply learning enough about writing to clep the course. I didn’t realize this was happening until I talked to a student today.

Almost all the students that have taken the CLEP in my classes have stayed in the class because they have learned so much. I didn’t realize my enrollment was officially going down because the students weren’t telling me they clepped the course.

If you make a 28 or higher on the English portion of the ACT and a 25 composite, you automatically clep the course. These students are obviously in my course because they didn’t clep automatically.

When I talked to a student today, I asked him why he clepped. He said that his dad found out that my class was more than all the work of his other classes combined, so he gave him $70 and told him to try to clep it. Well, he clepped this course and the next course. And I know of at least five other students that have done this.

Here’s the odd thing: they’re staying in my course. I would have never done that, but they actually think they’re learning.

Here’s the other odd thing: I have taught less than 15 minutes of grammar ALL SEMESTER. I have very unorthodox methods of teaching that focus of group projects, peer review, discussion, and one on one counseling. I don’t lecture.

I’ve always read from the top scholars that this is the way to teach, but most teachers are really skeptical of it. This is my fourth year teaching at the college level, and it works better every year.

One of the greatest things about it is that this is how I was taught at grad school here at ULM. This is a really cutting edge place to be when it comes to English, and I simply love being able to be unorthodox. Actually, I’m “teaching” right now. Well, okay, I dismissed my class for the week, and we’re meeting in small groups in the computer lab to do research.

Why am I telling you all this? Like you care! I’m just peppy.

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I’m sick of government

I’m really getting sick of government. All government. I’m annoyed with Bush’s pluralistic junk, and Kerry’s a fool. A third party has no chance in winning, and even if it did, I think they’re all clueless when it comes to any government policy.

I’m having a hard time with respecting church government too. I mean, the Lutheran church we’re still members of doesn’t really have much government. And I really miss it.

And well, we’re working on Rachel’s appeal, and the case record is just an ignorant mess filled with deceit and slander. The appeal process is so slow and unfair. I mean, my wife was excommunicated months ago. And the process is so slow…you have to wonder if presbyterians even care about their members having the Lord’s Supper.

I find most presbyterians very unfriendly and unhelpful when it comes to dealing with this situation and ministering to us through this time. I find most presbyterians pretty sucky at ministry anyway. Why minister when your gift is teaching, right?

Anglicans—blech. What is wrong with Anglicans? I would love to be an Anglican if I thought they cared about God’s Word more than the Book of Common Prayer. Okay, that’s a bit harsh, but so many of them care more about unity and the Anglican tradition than God’s Word. And the Windsor Report’s talk about the African provinces made me sick. Even “conservatives” like Wright have said really disappointing things.

The best conversation I’ve had in months was with a super-liberal Baptist.

For the first time in my life, I really understand why people become isolationist.

I was miserably sick yesterday, and ate Ramen for the first time since I’ve been married. Actually, probably the first time since Tim lived with me. Wait, no, I was sick once after he left…so about a year ago.

Anyway, I think you can see we need some prayer…and a puppy.

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I want a puppy

We went to the animal shelter a couple days ago and looked at all the cute puppies, friendly dogs and ugly creatures. Poor things. I wanted to adopt them all and give them a good home. But I guess I still am just waiting for a beagle to show up there. The guy there actually said that he sold three beagle puppies that morning before we came. ARGH! Maybe more will come in. If I’m not going to have a kid soon, I think a beagle would be the next best thing.

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It’s Another World

Conan O’Brien thought that some woman giving birth to her 15th child was ridiculous and even worth announcing on his show. My immediate thought was, “So what?” I know a family with 16 kids.

I guess that’s how our minds are shaped when we’re brought up in the Reformed world.

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