Well, I was getting ready to blog about what all we’ve been doing, but Forrest and Rebekah just arrived, so I am gonna spend time with them. Let me give you a summary:

We celebrated Easter with the family, and Davey Henreckson came too.

I am the Supreme Mortal Kombat champion. Very hard is simple for someone with my cat-like reflexes.

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Resurrectio Domini

When my alarm went off this morning, I noticed the date: March 25. It made me think of something.

In the sixth century, when Dionysius Exiguus, the Scythian monk usually credited with formulating the liturgical calendar, calculated back in time to the birth of Christ, he calculated, using the year one as a basis, that the Last Supper/Passover, Passion and Death of Christ, and the Resurrection had occurred on March 24, March 25, and March 27, respectively, in the year 33 A.D. Thus, in the early church, March 27th was the fixed date for Resurrectio Domini.

It was a relatively unknown holy day until about 20-25 years ago (and generally still is, as far as I know), but I happened to come upon some info on it about three years ago, when I was researching the Holy Week Liturgies in Middle English lyrics. Eamon Duffy’s The Stripping of the Altars led me to this article:

Rose, Christine M. “March 27 as Easter and the Medieval Liturgical Calendar.” New York Folklore. 30:2 (1986): 112-117. Anyway, if you’re bored, and have a particular interest in this sort of thing, it’s worth a look.

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You….drink? curse? smoke? watch R-rated movies?

In Robert E. Webber’s The Young Evangelicals, he reprints a letter from a student who was applying to be a movie critic for his college’s newspaper.

The student noted that while he was interviewing, there was a young lady eavesdropping on the conversation. When he had finished the interview and was out the door, she came up to him and asked him what type of movies he was going to review. He responded that he would be reviewing all sorts, and she said, “Ever R-rated movies?” He responded that he supposed so, and she replied, “Well, I hope you don’t have to compromise” and walked off. The next line he writes is, “I had been judged.”

I find this sort of thing really sad and pathetic. In thinking she was strong, she was showing her weakness. In inferring he was the one with the problem, she showed the world her own self-righteousness.

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Baby Update

I had an unexpected visit from my midwife today. Apparently, she thought that we had an appointment today, but just as she drove into our driveway, she realized that she hadn’t confirmed it with me. It didn’t make any difference because I was home and free anyway. My blood pressure is 88 over 48. Sadly, that’s higher than it was last time. The baby’s heartbeat (which sounds strong) is 170. It’s amazing how fast it is. Also, my midwife told me that a lot of the reason I’ve been so sick is because my uterus is tilted back. I already knew this a couple weeks ago when we went to the doctor’s because it took a few minutes to find the heartbeat, but I didn’t realize that people with tilted uteri (is that the plural?) tend to have more morning sickness because the uterus is pushed against all the nerves. It might have even played a role in my fainting episode a while ago. Anyway, it straightens itself out throughout the pregnancy, which is part of the reason that I’m feeling so much better. She was amazed at how transformed I looked from the last couple visits. I have more color in my face and I’ve gained some weight, and I’m actually cheerful. The sick me compared to the healthy me is a huge contrast. She’s also quite jealous that I’m going to Spokane (seeing as how she’s from Spokane). Hehehe. Spokane here I come.

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Cutter vs. Wilkinson

A while lot of noise is being made about the Terry Schiavo case, but another case is going before the courts today (oral arguments start in about five minutes) that is of great importance. Cutter vs. Wilkinson challenges the constitutionality of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, known as RLUIPA. While it’s mostly over the rights of prisoners to practive their religion, this could very well be the law that ends up prohibiting prisoners to own a Bible, our children from taking wine in worship(if they’re under 21), or and clergy from military posts.

Here’s a little background.

By the way, about 20 minutes ago, the Supreme Court announced that Chief Justice Rehnquist will be back on the bench. He’s missed about 45 cases.

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The Contender

There was a great fight on The Contender tonight, but at the end of the show, they dedicated it to Najai Turpin, the fighter who lost. Apparently, he took his life before the airing of the episode. I wonder how much the loss played into his decision to take his life. One thing I noticed is that going into the fifth and final round, both fighters crossed themselves.

Turpin had a daughter, Anyae, and The Contender has set up a fund in her name if anyone would like to donate.

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Rachel pointed something out to me: commercials in Monroe are so much different than commercials in Spokane. Monroe has three types of comercials:

1. New car commercials: “Buy yourself a new car for only $299/month!”
2. Debt commercials: “Are bills piling up? Is there no one to turn to?”
3. Home made video commercials: “Ewww, a forked tongue!...Don’t feed the cable snake.”

I think #1 probably has a lot to do with #2. The poverty down here is tremendous. I don’t think I really ever noticed it until I moved back (I didn’t notice the racism much until I moved back either). In Spokane, if people don’t have money, they don’t really act like it. The South seems so much more used to being a debt culture. That’s not a condemnation, as much as an observation. Can’t afford new clothes? Just charge it.

The most annoying commercials though are the ones that look homemade. I don’t ever remember seeing such poor quality commercials in Spokane. I’m not sure why that is. A lot of it is probably because they have more local advertising on TV. It could just be that I watched more cable in Spokane than here.

The worst commercial of all is the DirectTV commercial. I think that’s a national commercial, so that makes it even more pathetic. But goodness, it’s the worst. Anyone else seen it?

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Palm Sunday is approaching! I can’t wait to wave palms and shout “Hosanna!” I’m also excited because my family will be able to experience a fun Palm Sunday (or at least I assume so, since they’re going to a Lutheran church). Palm branches are the coolest.

I’m in a good mood. The weather is warming up, I can hear the neighbor mowing his lawn (I LOVE the sound of a lawn mower in the spring) and I’ll get to spend spring break with my relatives & friends. Ohhh, I am really looking forward to the Easter feast.

This is a really air-headed sounding post, but spring does that to me. :) I’m all giggly and warm. Rick said to me a few minutes ago, “Rachel, you’re like a little kid. When you want attention, you just climb on me.” Hehe.

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