Pain and baby update

So we were playing Cranium last night, and I had to do the equivalent of a charade for “Walk the plank.” I walked across the couch and walked off onto our hardwood floors. I hit kinda funny, and my knee is killing me now. I sprained my MCL in that knee before, so it has a history of injury (though it’s been a long time and had plenty of time to heal). I didn’t sprain it again or anything, but it’s in just enough pain to be annoying. Rachel didn’t get it, but she has an excuse: she was having a hard contraction.

Speaking of that sort of stuff: We went to the OB yesterday, and here’s what they told us:

1) The baby’s placenta is dying. It’s not; it has small flecks of calcification, so it’s just aged. However, this is what medical professionals tell you so that you will induce with pitocin. The placenta looks fine. It’s aged at 38 weeks and 2 days when Rachel is 42 weeks.

2) Rachel’s fluids are fine (they’re an 11 or 12), but we should really be concerned because they could just disappear at any time. Well the truth is that won’t happen until the placenta is a grade 3. Calcification flecks indicate it’s only a grade 1 or 2.

3) Rachel really needs to go to the hospital and induce with pitocin because the baby is too big for her pelvis and her cervix is posterior. The chances of this being true are very, very small (though doctors tell a lot of women that).

4) The pitocin won’t work (yes, they told us this right after they said she needs to use pitocin). And Rachel has a 100% chance of needing a cesarean. This is 99% true…if she were in a hospital. When a doctor gives pitocin, it usually puts the baby in fetal distress. Thus, if there isn’t quick progress, the doctor has to get the baby out to get the baby out of fetal distress. With Rachel’s cervix position, a posterior baby, and a small pelvis, labor is probably going to be slow and painful. But a midwife will be a lot more patient than a doctor. Hospitals are much more concerned about liability (thanks to guys like John Edwards) than patients.

Needless to say (for anyone that’s familiar with midwifery), everything we heard was a load of crap. There is a slight chance that she may need a cesarean (there always is), but medical professions typically exaggerate the need for them and underestimate the danger of them (especially on the baby’s lungs).

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Birmingham hotels

We’re planning on being Birmingham from Jan 6-16 and will need lodging from the 6th to the 12th (6 nights), and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good, reasonably-priced hotels. When we travel, we usually try to find a Marriott, but online, it looks like Birmingham has the worst hotel market in the universe (between $140 and $250 for a very unfancy Marriott room…compared with $65 a night in Little Rock). Anyway, if anyone know B’ham, I’d appreciate any ideas.

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Forrest and Rebekah left Spokane on Friday afternoon about 4, and ended up in Monroe on Sunday morning at about 4 AM…34 hours of driving…without stopping at a hotel (they’re insane). We went to St. Thomas in the morning, and the power was out. And this is Louisiana, so it was hot, even though it was considerably cooler than it has been all summer (because of Hurricane Rita).

On Saturday, Rachel had some pretty hard (and long…over two minutes long, 3-4 minutes apart from start to start), but they ended up dying down after several hours. For those of you that don’t know, those contractions are not great…they’re too long and run the risk of putting the baby in fetal distress. She’s been continuing with consistent contractions (though not as hard), and we’re hoping the baby will come sometime in the next year. Of course, her not sleeping well means I don’t get to sleep well, and I don’t have the luxury of sleeping in, since I teach 8 o’clocks every day. So I’m wiped out and falling behind in grading.

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Jesus is the answer

If you didn’t see this on Mike and Kristen’s blog, check this out: Dartmouth Student Body President Noah Riner gives incoming freshmen a speech about education, character, and Jesus.

Yay! rain

Okay, so it’s a bit excessive, and we have fallen branches all over our yard and on our roof, but we really needed the rain. Unfortunately a huge branch landed on the roof over our kitchen and now we’re getting some leaks. But it’s been such a long time since we’ve had any sort of weather other than hot and sunny, so this is a welcome change in my opinion. I just hope Forrest and Rebekah make it here safely.

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Life’s been busy lately. It’s been so busy lately that I’ve started using a planner for the first time in my life (my mind is going). I have about three sets of essays to grade this weekend. Forrest and Rebekah should be here Sunday. This baby should be born sometime.

I also bought a watch. Wearing a watch makes me feel more organized. I don’t know why. It’s like, “Hey, I am wearing a watch. My life is put together.” Ha.

I’m organizing my books on, and I have cleaned my home office (my books are all on shelves there…now if I can just do that in my work office).

I’ve started a prayer journal as well as a journal of letters to my daughter. A million ideas are running through my head. The last hour seems like the longest hour I’ve ever lived.

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There are two things I am really looking forward to right now. Obviously having our baby would be the first thing, and the Tuckers coming would be the second. But I think I’ll be getting those things in the opposite order. They’re planning on starting their trip down here this evening and we’ll just see how long it takes them. Everyone be praying that they make it here safely, especially considering the fact that they could get caught in some rain from the hurricane (hopefully nothing too bad). Even though Rick and I really wanted to have a newborn by the time they got here, I am feeling more and more comfortable with still being pregnant and having them visit. I know that she’ll come in God’s timing, and He knows her exact state of health and readiness. Having my sister and brother-in-law and sweet nephews here will only help this remaining time go by more quickly. Today I packed our new diaper bag full of diapers, baby clothes and other essentials. It had been a while since I’d looked through Kyrie’s drawers and it was fun to see all the pink again.

Oh, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from this pregnancy experience, it’s that I will never again announce my due date. I think I’ll stick with what my due month is. Babies come at such unpredictable times. Also, as difficult as it is to wait so long, the third trimester is definitely not as bad as the first. I’m thankful for that. Still, we covet your prayers for a delivery in the very near future. :)

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