A dream

An interesting birthday dream: Last night I dreamed Brianna had a little girl, and I was babysitting her. She had never spoken, and she turns to me to say her first words: “I can’t trust you. You’re cracking under mounting pressure.”


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Flashback: December 18, 2001.


If you don’t, you may end up like me. Today I decide to buy my plane tickets to Moscow, Idaho, for the 7th Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference. Well I was so involved in my AIM conversations [added: with Rachel Eyre] that I ended up buying tickets to Seattle, Washington. Talk about stupid. Of course they were non-refundable. So I ended up buying a ticket from Seattle to Spokane where I’ll spend some time with my friends, the Eyres, before going off to Moscow for the conference. So for all those that were wondering if I am going, I am. I am just taking a short detour to Seattle. What a sense of humor our King has. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle (Okay, no I haven’t), and now I have a great story to tell people like you. And to think, I did this on the same day I received my grade reports. I am still maintaining my 4.0. Something is seriously wrong here.

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Wow. Wide Awake.

Erg. I am not the least bit tired. I haven’t dealt with this in a long time. After Kyrie was first born, I thought my insomnia was cured. But thinking back on that, it was probably more a matter of being tired from the delivery and just passing out whenever my head hit a pillow as a result (besides the fact that I was finally comfortable enough to sleep and had been deprived for the past month). Well, I guess I’m all caught up on sleep now and my wide awake nights have returned. Of course, it doesn’t help that I had a cup of cocoa, but those things don’t usually affect me anyway.

It’s technically Rick’s birthday, and I feel like a lousy wife (although I’m sure he’d beg to differ) because I haven’t really gotten anything for him even though he didn’t want anything. I am planning on omelets, oranges &, of course, cocoa for breakfast. I’m sure that’ll be a hit, seeing as how he rarely gets me to cook breakfast for him (I am not a morning person).

My birthday is on Shrove Tuesday, so I’ll most likely be getting pancakes for dinner. 😀

Kyrie and Rick are so cute all snuggled in bed, sleeping the night away peacefully. I’m gonna go join in on the snuggling. It’s cold tonight.

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Funeral Procession

This morning I was driving down the road, when I saw a cop going down the road. The two cars in front of me pulled over, and I followed. After the cop had passed, I started to go again, but noticed the cars in front of me didn’t. Finally, I realized it was a funeral procession. It has been so long since I have seen one, that I didn’t even recognize it.

I’ve actually seen multiple people, dead on the side of the road, since the last time I’ve seen a funeral procession. This made me wonder…how often do people have funeral processions, and is this a cultural thing? I mean, do they have funeral processions in the west?

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Hopping Up and Down in a Grocery Store

Parenthood makes you do weird things. I’m willing to do a lot of things to make Kyrie giggle. It’s just so dang cute! So last night in the grocery store, with Kyrie in her carseat in the shopping cart, I started to run down the aisles, hopping up and down and smiling like an idiot. She LOVED it. She starting laughing so hard she could hardly catch her breath. That’s the sort of thing I consider worth working for.

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