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The Rambliest of Rambles

Rick’s working at Sears right now. I miss him. He’ll be home around 9:15. Kyrie’s napping. The house is very quiet. It’s not completely clean, so I could definitely make myself useful and get that taken care of, but I am feeling sick from this silly cold, so I feel justified to sit here and waste away in front of the enchanting glowy screen of the computer monitor. I like playing arcade games online. It sort of makes me feel like a loser, but at least I’ve gotten that out. I feel better now. Rick did a very nice thing for me today and took me shopping and bought me a leather jacket. I’ve wanted a leather jacket for years, but they’re quite expensive. It ended up costing just over $70. It was originally $199.99 and was 60% off, plus we used another coupon. I still feel like it was a lot of money, but I do like it. Also, I’ll be playing a concert on November 11 which will cover more than double what it cost. That makes me feel a little less sick to my stomach. Also, plane tickets are purchased, so that stress is entirely gone. There are other financial needs, but God continues to graciously provide (and my husband continues to work!) and day by day, everything is taken care of and more. I’m really thankful for that. It’s a beautiful, sunny day. It’s just about the perfect temperature. I need to read more. I love reading but I don’t really have the motivation to do it. My favorite time to read is around bedtime, snuggled under the covers. I really need to just grab a book from Rick’s office upstairs and start reading it. That’d be fun. Part of me wants to start selling things, maybe books, on ebay and make a little extra cash, but the other part of me thinks that’s too much of a hassle and there’s no guarantee I’d end up with any profits. I used to blog about theology and then I got excommunicated. I wonder why I don’t blog about theology much any more…
Well, first of all, I guess my life is a lot different. I really find myself wanting to talk about my ridiculously gorgeous daughter with the adorable personality that creates all sorts of bloggable moments throughout the day. She’s also quite photogenic and I’m sure people would rather see pictures of her than read boring theological posts. Besides, as much as I love theology, I’m more interested in charity, unity, compassion, etc. I guess that comes from my theology, though. Huh.

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Race quiz

What are You?

[x] The Godfather is a great movie.
[x] Your grandmother makes her own sauce.
[x] Your last name ends in a vowel.
[x] You know how a real meatball tastes.
[ ] You know a lot of Italian songs.
[x] You have dark hair and dark eye color.
[ ] You speak some Italian.
[x] You are under 5’10’‘.
[ ] Besides lasagna, pizza is the best food in the world.
[x] You talk with your hands.
Total = 7

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A few Photos From Today

Kyrie’s new thing is to put on a baseball cap, either backwards or sideways, and then walk around looking at me until she sees that I notice her. Please excuse the watery eyes and runny nose. The Capezzas have colds.



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