Kyrie’s Vocabulary

Kyrie has a few words that she’ll now say consistently. Among them are “mama,” “hi,” “yeah,” “Jesus,” and “baby.” The latter is the most recent addition, and it’s also pretty much the cutest. She says it to her baby dolls and says it when reading books with pictures of babies. Just when I thought she’d never talk, she’s really progressing in the verbal skills department. I’m an excited momma. 😀

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Learning How to Type all over again

We got a new keyboard and mouse. They’re wireless, which thrills me, but the keyboard is one of those split ones, if you know what I mean…so it’s a little different typing on it. I’ve noticed that I was accustomed to using my right hand to hit the “B” key, when in fact, I should be using my left…so that’s pretty much throwing me off. I just need some practice.

We also bought a new computer desk, which I am sincerely in love with. It’s a corner desk, and it has a stand for the monitor, so I won’t be looking down on the screen and getting neck aches anymore. It’s also got a pull out drawer for the keyboard and two perfect spots for the left & right speakers. I don’t know what to do with the extra room! Also, the desk that we WERE using for the computer is now my sewing desk. I’m not making any promises, but actually having a sewing desk might tempt me to sew more. We’ll see.

We leave, hopefully, in exactly a week. We’ll drive up to Oklahoma and visit friends & family until our Wednesday afternoon flight. Then we’ll be in Spokane! I can’t wait to see everyone. :)

The end.

More pictures

Here’s Kyrie’s new trike, thanks to the desire in all grandparents to spoil their grandchildren:

Our cute little Thanksgiving table, before we ate:

Just a couple cute shots of my girl:


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Christmas presents

It’s not even Thanksgiving, and we’re about done with Christmas shopping. We haven’t shopped for Ryan and Taneisha yet, but that’s just about it. Oh, and Kyrie. That won’t be hard though.

We do have wishlists…

Rachel’s is here. She really wants a music stand more than anything. That would be fun to transport back from Spokane. Kyrie has the only list that would actually be fun to shop on. She really wants some Trogdor onesies, but you can’t add them to an amazon list. My list is here. Not a cheap list. I’d really like a djembe, so all of my closest friends can continue to make fun of me and HURT MY FEELINGS.

There are a few things I want that are not on my list: black cotton socks. Thick cotton socks are more comfortable than thin ones, and I am nerdy enough to wear white socks with black pants and shoes. Very uncool of me, I know. My mom asked for socks every year. Drove me nuts. I’ve become my mom.

I have like one pair of pants I like wearing. I don’t know why but my grey pants are prone to static, so I hate wearing them, and my khakis, well, let’s just say…pen marks attacked them. So it’s time for new pants (recurring Christmas theme).

And, of course, any striped shirts from J. Ferrar. That’s it. After that, I am out of Christmas ideas.

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Strange happenings

So, this was a weird weekend. For one, I received some books in the mail. I opened them up, and I was suprised to find that I didn’t order them. I contacted the company, and I don’t know the person that sent them, but they were addressed to me.

I found out a few months ago, that I am pretty good at sales, though I hate it. I’ve been one of the top in the nation 2 out of the 3 months I’ve been doing it full time (I didn’t work much in October). I made a little over $700 yesterday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I made several hundred too. I probably made close to $2,000 in those four days (which is good since I have a plane flight and a $2,000 course to pay for in a couple of weeks). Anyway, I went into a daze for like 20 minutes on Saturday, and when I snapped out of it, I had sold like $4,000.

I can’t imagine doing sales full-time. It’s exhausting because it’s sooo boring. I mean, I am sure it’s entertaining for some, and I really enjoy it when it’s busy. But I am not really the type of person to stand around doing nothing. If I’m not working one job, I’m working another. If I’m not working, I’m learning. If I’m not learning, I have to go out to walk in the mall with Rachel, go out to eat, watch a movie, or play a game. Even when I’m being passive, I put my whole self into it. (No way I’ll ever be passive halfway lol.)

Update: Reading what I just wrote above reminded me of when my pastor asked Rachel being okay with me being a workaholic back in pre-marital counseling. sigh Good thing I’m forced to vacation like half of the year 😀

These days, I’m all about being productive and being productive efficiently. Even now, I’m blogging because it’s giving me the false sense of not wasting time (ironic, huh?) I can’t wait til a long vacation knocks that out of me.

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It’s cold and I’m eating ice cream

I’m wrapped in a blanket, sitting by a heater, eating ice cream. I am a weirdo.

We have almost all our Christmas shopping done! I haven’t gotten anything for Rick yet, and as far as I know, he hasn’t gotten anything for me (but he says he knows what he’s getting) and then there’s some gifts for Kyrie that I’ll be more than happy to buy, but most of the rest of the gifts are already taken care of. YAY! :)

I am so close to being ready for another little baby in our family. Kyrie would be a good big sister. :) She is really forming an attachment to her baby doll. She picks her up and cuddles her while kissing her on the head. It’s simply adorable. We’re going to have to take the doll with us when we go to Spokane. (LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, PEOPLE!!)

Thanksgiving is almost here! I can’t believe it. I am going to have to write down a list of all the foods I’ll need. Does anyone have traditional side dishes they’d like to share for ideas?

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