15 months old

Kyrie turned 15 months old yesterday. I have yet to weigh her, but I measured her and got 31 inches (which puts her in the 62nd percentile). I’ll try to remember to come back & add her weight. OK, I weighed her. She’s 23 lbs, right in the 50th percentile.

She now can say:

Mama (usually she yells it out, calling me: maaaamaaa!)
Baby (her favorite word)
Pretty (she’ll only whisper it)
What’s that? (she’ll say it when pointing to objects)
It’s a… (she’ll say it before “baby,” for example)
Hush (she says this when I read her Goodnight Moon when it gets to the quiet old lady line).

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some. She makes the correct animal noises for ducks, puppies, lions & monkeys. She also thinks that cats bark, no matter how much I tell her that they say “meow.” Every time she sees the cats at my parents’ house, she barks & pants up a storm. It’s hilarious. When she’s impressed by something (usually it’s a pretty Christmas tree), she’ll say “OOOOOOO!!” It starts out low and then gets extremely high and then gets lower again. Too darn cute for words.

She’s getting naughtier by the minute. I’m having to discipline a good deal more now. She’ll screech at her cousins (especially Noelle) if they take a toy from her, but she grabs toys away from them all the time. She is melodramatic and sometimes throws herself on the floor sigh. She sometimes screams for the fun of it, and sometimes screams if she’s just plain upset. Fun times.

She’s a little bit of a flirt, too. She’ll purse her lips and squint her eyes to try to look cute. It is cute. Very cute.

Her very first molar cut through today. Top left. More are soon to come. She’s got a mild cold right now, poor sweetie, but is handling it okay.

She’s getting more beautiful every day.

(she’s giggling in this picture)




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“My Jesus”

You really need to watch the video (below) of clips from “The Passion” set to Todd Agnew’s “My Jesus.” I found it on myspace the other day.

When I see something like this, it really makes clear the impact of the visual in postmodern culture. I see more each time I watch the video. Pay close attention to what characters go with what words, especially where Peter falls throughout the video (you’d had to have seen the movie to know which character he was).

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Sickness, sleep, and avocados (or Random thoughts 9,163)

So, as Rachel mentioned a few days ago, we were struck by the plague. I was bowing my knees a few days ago, a couple days after Rachel was sick. Everyone else was sick yesterday, and we’re all starting to feel better now. I think the sickness has mostly passed, but we’re all weak, and I think my digestive system is still out of whack because food just feels like it sits in my stomach forever.

I think my digestive system is always out of whack when we come up here anyway. When we’re at home, we eat mostly vegetables and whole grains. We don’t eat a lot of white flour carbs (any really) and we’ve cut most of the meat out of our diets. Black bean tacos became a favorite in the fall, and I mentioned them to Rachel before I fell asleep last night, which made her mad at me, because then she started craving them. I was craving a avocado, tomato, and swiss sandwich from Sparky’s. (Speaking of Sparky’s, I’ll get a free sandwich after I buy two more. Yessss.)

I’m also in the mood for some wild berry sparkling cider.

Kyrie drank her wine today at church before I noticed she hadn’t eaten her bread. Today was the first day back in Salem’s sanctuary since the fire 11 months ago. Kyrie was delighted with the stained glass and banners.

I was exhausted after church (eventhough we were in bed by 11:30), and then we went to Red Robin for lunch (which sealed the deal), and Kyrie and I both went down for two hour naps.

It’s kinda jolting to go from 60-70 hour work weeks to a really long vacation. Despite my sickness, I was still able to polish off three books this week. Yet, I’m still too lazy to update my sidebar book widget. The only real benefit to that widget is that it adds color to the blog.


It annoys me greatly that every time we’re here on vacation, I tend to find an illness or two. The last time I was sick was last summer when I was up here! What gives? I would attribute it to the stress of travel that makes me more susceptible, but unfortunately my relatives are just sickies who hand it off to me. Bad germs. I hope Kyrie can still be spared.

Two paintings

I’ve been considering the subject of Christian art lately, and I found a couple of pieces that I think are incredible.

This one, Rembrandt’s The Raising of Lazarus, is one of my favorites. I just love how the light is not focused on Jesus or Lazarus, but on the observers, as if to elicit a faith response.

The other is Signorelli’s The Resurrection of the Flesh from the cathedral in Orvieto. I love the emphasis on the enjoyment of our glorified bodies. Anyway, couldn’t resist sharing these.