Kyrie, Death, and White Hair

Ever since Kyrie was an infant, on the way to receive the eucharist, I’ve whispered into her ear, “The bread is Jesus’ body, and the wine is Jesus’ blood. Whoever eats Jesus’ body and drinks his blood, lives forever.” In the past year, we’ve also talked a lot about how Jesus died for her sins so that when she dies, she’ll get to come back to life in Jesus. She’s understood the concept of death for probably a year now, and she often randomly talks about how she doesn’t want to die. Being who I am, I always say something like, “I’m sorry. You’re going to have to die one day, but since Jesus died for you, it’ll only be for a little bit because, after that, you’ll live with Jesus forever.” (Rachel smartly just says, “I don’t want you to die either.”)

Anyway, we were looking at the stations of the cross today, and I was talking to her about the station where Jesus died on the cross, and how in the next station, his mommy was sad because he died, and how in the next station, we see that he comes back to life.

After explaining all this, she said, “But I don’t want to die.”
I replied, “Well, hopefully, it won’t be for a very long time.”
She replied to me, “But I don’t want to die.”
Finally, I said, “Well, you probably won’t die until after you get old and your hair turns white.”

She seemed to think this was both preposterous and hilarious and that I wasn’t being serious anymore, and our conversation ended promptly.


Okay, so Obama’s speech was great last night (except for the annoying misquote of scripture at the end). I really enjoyed his humor, eloquence, and somewhat empty promises. I’m still annoyed he picked someone who whitens his teeth for his VP though. If McCain’s objective was to take away steam, he did it by picking Sarah Palin as his VP. That’s a home run. It just emboldens his image as a maverick. I’ve been thinking and hoping he might pick her just because it would make things interesting, but then all the stuff they’ve been saying in the last two days made me think he might go more traditional. Anyway, I am glad he picked her. Southerners will like her belief in state self-sufficiency 😀 It will add a little spice to his campaign. Plus, she’s from Sandpoint, which is like an hour away. Speaking of stupid reasons to like a candidate…

Rachel and I have a pet peeve in the current election. The people they are interviewing sound like they come right out of Idiocracy:

Commentator: Why are you voting for Obama?
Response 1: I want change!
Commentator: Why are you voting for Obama?
Reponse 2: Eight is enough!
Commentator: Why are you voting for Obama?
Response 3: Our troops need to come home right now!
Commentator: Why are you voting for McCain?
Response 4: He’ll drill for oil!
Commentator: Why are you voting for McCain?
Response 5: He’s a true conservative!

Oh my goodness, I swear these people just listen to campaign slogans and don’t stop and think for five seconds.

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Don’t you love freedom of speech?

This video drives me nuts. An American girl was in South Ossetia visiting her aunt when Georgia started bombing South Ossetia. As she starts to tell her story, you can hear the producer telling the newscaster to cut them off. What cracks me up is when the newspaper tells the aunt there is an impending commercial break, the aunt replies, “I know you don’t want to hear that.”

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My trivial to-do list

  • Finish Kyrie’s scrapbook of the first two years
  • Catch up with Antonio’s scrapbook and babybook
  • Get started on a scrapbook of me and Rick
  • Get some prints of the zillions of photos I take; frame some, put some in a photo album
  • Make something like a mei tei or sling for Kyrie’s baby dolls (for her birthday)
  • Make diapers and/or outfits for Kyrie’s baby dolls (another birthday gift)
  • Try my hand at making fleece soakers/skirties/shorties
  • Re-learn to knit, learn to crochet


Some of you know, some of you might have guessed, and the rest of you are probably all in the dark regarding our whereabouts for the forseeable future. I’ll clear it up: we’re staying in Spokane. God has answered the prayers of family and friends and has blessed Rick with a great job here. I am finally home.

There are a lot of things I will miss about Monroe, which may come as a surprise to some, but there were certainly attachments formed during our first four years of marriage living in Louisiana. I remember Isaiah and I driving the rental truck down, pulling into the driveway of the first house that Rick and I would live in, enjoying temperatures in the 70’s on New Year’s Day, having fun with friends, sighing contentedly at the deep blue sky streaked with pink clouds after a thunderstorm, and admiring the sunset over the peaceful bayou. I remember seeing the positive line on a pregnancy test with Kyrie, and again with Antonio, in the little bathroom of our house. I remember painting our dining room red because I need to live with color. I remember painting walls, sewing curtains, and hanging pictures to make our house a home. I gave birth to both of our babies in Louisiana. Antonio was born right in his sister’s room. There are so many special memories that we’ll carry with us. And I know I’ll never forget the challenges we faced as a new couple, and then a new family, living across the country from my family. It was good for me, and I’m thankful for the experience. I wouldn’t change it if I could.

Now that we are back in Spokane, I feel like everything is right. I feel joy when I just look into the starry night sky or smell the fresh, beautiful Northwest air. Every blade of grass that I see blowing in the wind seems familiar to me. I hear voices all around me in the buzzing of bees, songs of birds, and even the distant sounds of machinery or cars whizzing by that seem to be welcoming me home. It fills me with a joy and a feeling of belonging that I can’t fully describe.

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Kyrie, on sin

Kyrie: Jesus took my sins away. Jesus will give my sins back to me.
Rachel: Kyrie, that’s a good thing that He took them away.
Kyrie: I want my sins back!

I think she believes that she can do extra mischief if she had more sins to work with.

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