Happy Thanksgiving, a day late

We had a great day yesterday. I hope everyone else did too! And for the record, everything was worked out with the sectional from Fred Meyer, and it looks great in our living room. It’s nice to finally have some furniture in our house! And next week our stuff in Louisiana should be arriving. Then we’ll really be settled in our new home. I’m looking forward to that. I can’t believe this house is really becoming our home. I love it. I’ll try to get pictures of everything once it’s all furnished.

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I’ll save my thankful attitude for tomorrow

Gah. I’m so annoyed. We bought a sectional from Fred Meyer, and the geniuses gave us two of the same piece. Niiice. I am steaming right now. Mostly because my in-laws are coming in less than an hour and the house is a disaster, and it wouldn’t be if we’d just gotten the right pieces.

And both kids are still awake, the groceries are all on the table, I still have one pumpkin pie to make, and…yeah. I’m just not happy.

The end.

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Our landlord is Greek

And he has a super sweet Greek accent. He lives in Bellevue, but his mother is only a few blocks away from us. The home we’re renting is the same one that she raised her kids in. I like to know a bit of the history behind the house we’re living in, so it’s fun to know her and imagine her keeping house here so long ago. Anyway, Evan (our landlord)’s mom came by today, first to express disappointment in the fact that the handyman had not come by to finish the trim on the back door (I hadn’t even noticed), and also to make sure we were all getting along. She hardly speaks English, so we had a hard time communicating at times, but she pointed to Kyrie and said, “Girl?” and to Antonio, saying, “Boy?” which I nodded to. Then she asked what their names were, and her face lit up when I told her Kyrie’s name. “Kyrie Eleison! Greek!” And then she asked about Antonio, and asked if he was baptized, to which I replied yes, of course, and she said, “Bravo!” Hehe. She is very sweet. I wonder if she goes to the Greek Orthodox church downtown. It kind of makes me happy to know that a Christian family was raised here so many years ago—I mean, I’m not sure where all her kids are at spiritually, but she seemed devoted. Oh, and she also said that Antonio was “beautiful” like me. So she’s on my good side. 😉

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Six Random Things

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Six Random Facts about me:

1. I straighten picture frames habitually. I also straighten area rugs, furniture, papers, pencils, etc.

2. When I’m thinking about something, I play with my earrings by pushing the earring back in and out over and over. Sometimes I end up losing an earring because of this habit.

3. I find stargazing to be comforting and haunting at the same time. It is comforting to me because when I look at the stars, I know God exists and I know that He loves me (might sound hokey to you, but there it is), and it’s haunting because I feel so small and vulnerable in this giant universe.

4. If I could be anything other than a stay-at-home mother (which I love), and if I had the talent, I’d be a performing musician.

5. I have had recurring dreams about church buildings for several years. When I was much younger, I would always be in a large sanctuary with tall stained-glass windows. The more recent dreams have taken me to staircases leading nowhere (or sometimes leading to areas where illegal or suspicious operations were going on) within a giant cathedral.

6. I always have a hard time coming up with a sixth fact on things like this.

I’m breaking the rules and not tagging anyone because I can’t think of six people and if I can’t tag six I might as well not tag anyone. 😉

All About Antonio

Just thought I’d give a much needed update on my little guy.

He’s decided that climbing is a much more important skill to master than walking. He’s standing alone quite a lot of the time now, but hasn’t dared to take any steps without holding onto something for support. He is, however, climbing everything he can think of to climb. Right now he’s sitting backwards on a small rocking chair and bouncing up and down.

He’s giving kisses now, which is beyond cute! He even puckers up and makes a little smacking sound. Sometimes he’ll scrunch up his nose when big sister decides to lay a big smooch on him.

He loves to play peek-a-boo. When he has a blanket, he’ll put it over his head and hide for a little, then pull it away with the proudest look on his face. If he doesn’t have a blanket to work with, he just puts his hands behind his head and is convinced that he’s sufficiently hidden that way. It cracks me up!

He’s also getting very talkative these days. He loves to babble, and tries to say a couple real words, too. He says “diddy” for “kitty” and sometimes says “Kakoo” when he’s playing peek-a-boo. One of his favorite words is “bood,” which seems to be the default for everything else. He also says “Mama” (only when he’s really upset) and sometimes “Papa” (sounds a bit more like “baba”).

He giggles a lot, but also has quite a temper. An emotional guy, for sure. And that’s about it…I need to go make sure he’s not getting into some sort of mischief.

An issue not talked about

“Personally it still horrifies me when people want women to be soldiers just like men, when they, who have always been the keepers of the peace and in whom we have always seen a counter-impulse working against the male impulse to stand up and fight, now likewise run around with submachine guns, showing that they can be just as warlike as the men. Or that women now have the ‘right’ to work as garbage collectors or miners, to do all those things that, out of respect for their status, for their different nature, their own dignity, we ought not to inflict on them and that are now imposed on them in the name of equality. That, in my opinion, is a Manichaean ideology that is opposed to the body.”

Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict), God and the World, 82

“‘Women are already serving in combat and the current policy should be updated to reflect realities on the ground,’ said Wendy Morigi, Sen. Obama’s national security spokeswoman. ‘Barack Obama would consult with military commanders to review the constraints that remain’.” Obama highlighted: “There was a time when African-Americans weren’t allowed to serve in combat…And yet, when they did, not only did they perform brilliantly, but what also happened is they helped to change America, and they helped to underscore that we’re equal.”

Pittsburgh Gazette, October 13, 2008