Weird dreams…

I had some weird dreams last night. In the first dream, I was visiting my Rachel’s sister and her husband at seminary. I was talking to their oldest son, and he starts talking about Israel this and Israel that…which wouldn’t really be the theology they’d be getting at that seminary (but hey, it’s a dream). He starts telling me how he’s going to move there because it is the land of plenty, and I ask him what he’s going to do there. He says, “I’m going to sell them propane. Lots and lots of propane.” (Which is what his dad did before going to seminary.)

The other two dreams had to do with the Tea Party, and apparently, I was a really big fan in my dreams.

In the first dream, I was selling newspapers, and a guy says, “I haven’t been here in a really long time. Which pill should I take? The red pill or the blue pill?” I start walking with him and say, “If you take the red pill, your once lucrative career will be shipped overseas. You will be told unemployment is low because there will be many jobs, but they won’t pay enough to support a family. All the money will be taken to start wars around the world.” The guy replies, “So I should take the blue pill?” I say, “If you take the blue pill, you will work endlessly…if you can find a job. Half of your earnings will be given to drug addicts and prostitutes.” (Realize this isn’t really representative of my views.) The guy replies, “So which pill should I take?” By now, we’ve wondered through the city streets and an alley where dealers are peddling red and blue pills, and we’re at a harbor that has the background of San Francisco. I take a brown pill filled with tea and throw it into the brown harbor, and with a maniacal smile exclaim, “Take the brown pill…it’s for freedom!” The guy looks at me and says, “Uhhhh….I like freedom?” He pauses, turns around, and walks away. I’m pretty sure this dream was a commercial/ad.

The third dream is actually an alternative ending to the second dream. At the end of my spiel, the guy asks again, “So which pill should I take?” I reply, “Take the grey pill. The earl grey pill.” The camera pans out, and we’re wearing tuxedos with coat tails, while standing on a semi truck going down the highway. After handing him the pill, I dive off the back of the truck, into a limo which has no top, into a lake of grey tea. Yes, a limo-lake. The other guy is left on the top of the truck with a choice to make—the uncertainty of driving down the highway on top of a truck or…the peaceful calm of a grey limo-lake.

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