Breath of air…

Life has been so hectic, and God has been so good. The Capezza household is in the midst of transitions. It looks like 2011 will have us leaving Spokane, either permanently or temporarily. My work with Harbor Crest and Harbor Glen has spurred me on to search out jobs in chaplaincy. I am not sure where that will take us, but the likelihood that it is outside of Spokane is nearly 100%.

I have been busily working through an MDiv. with a chaplaincy focus. I originally planned to take only a few chaplaincy courses, but soon ended up with a full-time schedule (it’s my nature). With a reading load of 3,000-5,000 pages per course and a writing load averaging around 75 pages per course, I hope you can excuse my blogging absence. Lord willing, I will be about 80% done with the degree next summer and will be able to begin a chaplaincy residency. Most of the chaplaincy residencies start in the fall and require a summer unit. If I don’t secure a full residency by May, I will be moving to Boise for eleven weeks to complete a summer unit. I am not sure if I will be going alone, or if the family would come with me for the summer. But I am still looking to find a residency at a hospital/hospice without the summer unit. I started applying for residencies about three weeks ago and have already been offered interviews in Boise (where I secured the summer position), Tacoma, Portland, and Minneapolis. This is an exciting time. Of course, low-paying residencies in high cost cities are leap of faith. I am not sure how we’ll make it work, but I am praying that God will pave our way.

Each and every day, I fall more in love with my family. Kyrie is getting “too old” for snuggling. Antonio has become the snugglebug. It seems like every day I just want to hold them like it’s the last time I will see them. Rachel gets more and more beautiful every day. Despite her disagreement, pregnancy becomes her. We’re both glad we’ve been able to save some money living out in the country, but we’re looking forward to moving back into Spokane next month. With the snowy weather, we’ve felt a bit isolated, and we’re looking forward to spending more time with friends.

I think it’s been about 10 months since we’ve left Eastern Washington, and we’re feeling a bit cooped up. I mean I’ve been to Virginia and Colorado for one day each and we went to Oklahoma for a couple of days, but those trips were more business than pleasure. We’re looking forward to getting out of town—visiting the Macphersons in Portland next month, and hoping to take a trip to Moscow in the near future (the snow isn’t helping).

Well, I think that’s about all I have to say.

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