Spring always seems to take a long time to arrive here in Spokane. This year, for instance, we were greeted with snow on the first day of April, which was apt. But when the warmth and the sunshine finally comes, it makes it all the sweeter. We’ve been taking full advantage of these warm, summery days, because we know they won’t stick around forever. In fact, it’s supposed to cool down later this week and rain, but we’re not thinking about that right now.

Right now we’re just thinking about the sunshine.

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Sweet Baby

It is still hard to believe that over a year has passed since I first held my baby girl in my arms! In many ways, Epiphany still looks and acts much like a baby; in others, it’s difficult to deny all the ways in which she’s leaving babyhood behind. She runs everywhere, doing her best to keep up with her older siblings. She doesn’t do much talking yet, but every now and then, she’ll attempt a new word. She keeps me quite busy, and is getting into everything these days. Moments that are quiet and calm are cherished by us both. I love those moments where time can slow down just a little, and I can savor all the little things about her that remind me that she is still my baby.

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A Trip to the “Duck Pond”

Every spring, there’s a little pond that forms next to the Shopko parking lot. We’re within walking distance of Shopko, and I’d been promising the kids that one day we’d walk over there to see the ducks. Yesterday was a warm, sunny day, so I made good on that promise. The kids loved it! Of course, a duck pond by Shopko can’t really compare to the duck pond at Manito, but can you beat being able to walk there in five minutes? Of course not. Maybe next time we’ll bring some bread crumbs to feed them.

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