Our Weekend in Boise

I’ve been meaning to blog about our little trip to Boise last week. We had to drive down so that we could find a place to live, since we are moving there in only a couple weeks, so we loaded up the van with our suitcases, kids, plenty of snacks & drinks, and a full tank of gas. We headed out on Thursday afternoon right after Kyrie’s dance class got out. It got dark long before we got there.

It was way past midnight when we finally trudged up the stairs to our hotel room (a fancy Super 8—this was a budget trip), and we were relieved to fall into bed. The next morning, the house hunting began. It was nice to be in Boise, and everything was lovely, but the first full day there was kind of…miserable. Mostly because we’d spent seven hours the previous night driving there, and now we were spending several more hours driving around town, looking for “For Rent” signs, and finding very few. The prices of many of the homes were beginning to discourage us, as well as the condition of the homes that were within our price range. We finally stopped by an apartment complex which had looked nice online, and it looked equally nice in person. It was our glimmer of hope in the middle of a lot of discouragement.

The next day was Saturday, which we decided to mostly spend enjoying the town. Downtown Boise is a very walkable area—they even have a market every Saturday, but it had already packed up and closed by the time we got there, so we didn’t get to experience it this time (though I can attest that it’s pretty cool, since we did walk through it last August when we were there).

People seem to LOVE their bikes in Boise. It almost made me wish I had one, along with a trailer for Epiphany, and a couple little bikes for Antonio and Kyrie, but realistically, I’d probably have a heart attack trying to keep track of all my kids while riding a bike myself. Oh well, it sounds fun in theory.

We also explored the Capitol and St. John’s Catholic Cathedral downtown. The former had beautiful acoustics. How I would have loved to play violin alongside Keisha on her harp in the middle of that building. We did sing.

The stained glass inside St. John’s was gorgeous. I wish that pictures could have done it true justice, but I tried my best.

I forgot to mention that earlier in the day, we stopped by the Boise Co-op, which is a really neat store, especially if you are really into natural and eco-friendly products (including groceries, cleaning products, etc.—I even saw some cloth diapers for sale there). We got some delicious gelato there.

Meanwhile, we hadn’t found any new prospects for a new home. So we decided to put in an application at Fairview Crossing, the apartment complex mentioned above. We both felt like it was our best and most affordable option based on our family’s needs. We knew that our credit history and rental history would help us out, but since a Chaplain Residency doesn’t pay oodles of money, we weren’t sure if they’d approve us based on our income.

On Sunday evening, the kids and I enjoyed a lovely walk along the Greenbelt, a long path that follows alongside the river, while Rick had drinks with his friend, Dr. Jutzy. It was a perfectly warm, sunny Sunday evening. We followed the path all the way to a great park with a huge playground and sandbox that the kids loved.

On Monday morning, we got a call from Fairview Crossing saying that our application had been accepted! They still needed to write up our lease, so we spent some time at the Boise Aquarium with the kids before heading over to the apartment office to sign the lease.

On Tuesday morning, we drove back home to Spokane. Home for now, at least. In a couple weeks, Boise will be our new home. I feel mixed emotions about it. I am thankful that Rick will have a job in a field that he feels he is called to. I am thankful that Boise is a beautiful city. I am thankful for the time our family has been able to spend here in Spokane. It has been full of ups and downs, but they have made us wiser, stronger, and better. God has been with us through it all, and He’ll continue to be with us, wherever we go, and wherever He leads.

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