Life in Boise, Part 2: Visitors

Not even a month after we moved here, we were happy to have some family come to visit us! The first ones to come were Rick’s parents. The kids had not seen them in two years, but it didn’t take long before they warmed up and picked up where they’d left off. Epiphany hadn’t met them before, so I think they enjoyed meeting their third grandkid.

They were all spoiled all week long, with kite-flying, bubble-blowing, fishing, getting new bikes, doing a new craft each day, and getting lots and lots of attention. Antonio particularly loved playing with Grandpa Kenny, and Kyrie and Grandma Debbie liked to sit and crochet together.

We also went cherry picking with them! I have to admit, the cherries aren’t quite as good down here as they are in Spokane, but that didn’t stop us from stuffing our mouths with them. They were still pretty tasty.

The same day that Rick’s parents left, mine came! Well, technically they came very early the next morning, at about 2:00 am. They were only able to stay for the weekend, but we got in lots of swimming (our temperatures were hitting triple digits while they were here), went out to the Cracker Barrel (Daddy’s treat) and played games inside. It was a blast! I don’t really have a lot of pictures from their visit because it was short and we were busy having fun most of the time. I’m hoping they can come again in September, when I expect the weather to be cooler. We might even be able to take a trip to the zoo.

Okay, here’s one goofy picture from my family’s visit.

I miss them, but I’m so glad they were able to come and see us in our new home!

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