I’m extra-crunchy these days

I decided to take pictures of my diaper stash today. I tried to get them all clean at the same time, but there are a couple BumGenius ones missing from the collection.

Here’s what I’ve got. I’ve got two Thirsties covers in red and blue, a bummis super snap cover and a prorap cover below that, and then a Dream-Eze AIO (All in one) diaper. I already have prefolds in the covers. Next to all those are my BumGenius One-Size pocket diapers. The pink ones are Kyrie’s (obviously) which she wears at nighttime. They’re on the biggest snap-setting, whereas Antonio’s are still on the smallest. On the bottom of the pic are some prefolds and cloth wipes (aka baby washcloths) that kinda got cut off because they’re not as cute/interesting.


They don’t quite all fit in this drawer…most of them do.


Here’s Antonio modeling the Dream-Eze AIO. I would like these diapers even more if they came in cuter colors.


And here I am at the park with Nio in the moby wrap, sleeping.


Moby Wraps are lots of fun

This is my new favorite hold with the Moby…Antonio likes it too. Usually I tuck in his arms and pull the front panel up for extra support, but in the picture it’s the classic “Joey Hold.” I also put him in this hold facing me and I love it.